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Knot stressed back massage

-neck, back & shoulder massage with carrier oil

30 mins £30

60 mins £43

Full body massage

-massage with carrier oil

60 mins £45

90 mins £65

Foot & leg massage

-massage using warm silky oil to relieve tight joints and muscles

30 mins £25

Aromatherapy holistic full body massage

-with your own bespoke Essential Oil Blend. Perfect for added relief from muscular aches & pains, deeper relaxation and sense of balance, inner calm & overall wellbeing.

15ml bespoke Oil Blend to take home after each treatment.


30 mins £35

60 mins £48

90 mins £68'

Massage during pregnancy

-massage from second trimester in comfortable side lying position to soothe, deeply relax and ease away those pregnancy aches & pains. With Grapeseed Oil & Mandarin Essential Oil.

30 mins £30

60 mins £43

90 mins £63

Indian head massage

-massage in a seated position following the Indian Head Massage Tradition. Perfect for helping to relieve head, neck and shoulder tension and those in need a massage during their lunch break!

30 mins £25

45 mins £35

60 mins £43

Eastern face-lift massage

-based upon Ayurvedic massage techniques, acupressure points & lymphatic drainage strokes. Deeply relaxing, it can help to rejuvenate the skin, reduce fine line, improve complexion & skin tone. For best results it is recommended that you receive a series of 6 treatments - 1 treatment per week for 6 weeks.

45 mins £35

60 mins £43

6 Week Block (incl. 20 % Discount) of 45 minutes  £168.00

6 Week Block (incl. 20 % Discount) of 60 minutes  £206.40

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